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Revenge of the East? How anger in the former GDR helped the AfD Germany The Guardian.
A 2007 study cited higher male-to-female ratios in parts of the former East than in the Finnish Arctic circle, suggesting that East German men, 26% of whom voted AfD, have above all been left behind in a demographic sense. Far from struggling, Saxonys GDP grew last year by 2.7%, faster than any other German state.
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As in other languages, the word is formed from the fact that east is direction where the sun rises: east comes from Middle English est, from Old English ast, which itself comes from the Proto-Germanic aus-to or austra east, toward the sunrise, from Proto-Indo-European aus to" shine, or dawn, 1 cognate with Old High German star to" the east, Latin aurora dawn, and Greek s dawn, east.

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